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Forum Downtime
Posted by plopansr On Feb 18 2006 At 6:48:16 PM
I apologize if anyone has experienced problems getting to the site. The first time was out of our control - the carrier went down. The most recent time was due to a services failure on the server. Hopefully things are back to normal now!
Escort powered Browning 1919 - with video!
Posted by airsoftny On Feb 17 2006 At 01:27:58 AM
Hi all,

This is a project of mine that cosmetically is still not quite done, but there has been so much Escort buzz lately I figured now would be a great time to throw this out there anyway...

This is a Browning 1919 .30 cal built from a demilled parts kit, with a set of Escort MG42 internals inside. The video below shows it being dry-fired.

I plan on doing a more comprehensive write-up and snap some nice pics once it is painted/parkerized, externally it's still a bit rough around the edges.

Please note, this is built from a deactivated parts kit, no real steel internals/components are inside, and the right side plate is an unfinished dummy plate. It cannot accept, and cannot be readily altered to shoot a lethal projectile or real ammunition, etc etc

Hope you all like:

also at this link:

[email protected] (remove 123 to contact)
Sun Project Real Upper Modification
Posted by plopansr On Feb 06 2006 At 01:02:40 AM
Sale did a really nice write up on the conversion of his Sun Project M16's upper receiver to a real M16 upper. Check it out!

Sun Project Real Upper Modification

Piper Precision Products Venom Pics
Posted by plopansr On Jan 30 2006 At 05:54:39 AM
Panzer13 has sent in some pictures of his PPP Venom rotary gun. Very pimp!!!

Piper Precision Products Venom Pics

Merry Christmas, everyone!
Posted by plopansr On Dec 24 2005 At 11:23:29 PM
As we sit and wait for Santa, let's reflect on the good things that have happened to us over this past year, and what we have to be thankful for. And, please don't shoot Santa, I'd have no one to blame for this display of commercial gluttony that is piled up under my tree. Now, I'm going back to my camomile tea to think of more Santa lies to tell my kids...

Flattop conversion for the Sheriff M16
Posted by plopansr On Dec 20 2005 At 02:38:06 AM
Maybe I should have posted this earlier, but it kinda floated around and I forgot about it...

Sheriff Flattop conversion for Marushin bodied guns
Translation of MG42 manual
Posted by plopansr On Dec 15 2005 At 10:09:41 PM
Kristoffer Tonnessen sent in a translation of the Shoei MG42 manual, which was provided to him by the company. If anyone can get a scan of the manual, please send it in and I'll try to put it all together.

Translation of the MG42 Manual

Trying again...
Posted by plopansr On Dec 15 2005 At 9:14:46 PM
OK guys, I'm bringing back the new user interface. It's less of a hassle to update, I hope it doesn't bring the site to its knees like the last time!

Here's a link to the old home page.
If you have problems...
Posted by plopansr On Sep 24 2004 At 10:04:38 AM
Email me and let me know. paul|@|
Site Upgrade
Posted by plopansr On Sep 24 2004 At 01:55:02 AM
We have a new look! More features will be brought online as the day progresses. Have fun with this!
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